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Detachable Collars to Lift Your Outfit Instantly

Literal in its meaning, a detachable collar is an accessory or a wardrobe jewel. Adding a detachable collar to your wardrobe adds quirkiness to an outfit which is similar to varnishing of your antique furniture. When you hear of collar, the first thing that comes to your mind is a rigid and linear formal outfit.  The Spring of 2012 has given birth to a new style of collar. The collar is cost effective and has hit the roof among the styling community. The fashion world has always battled with all of its tarnished expectations of being androgynous, expensive and time taking. In the system of glam and fashion, nothing is boring or outdated.  The ultra creative heads in the fashion industry blow up a storm when clothing is stereotyped with a specific gender. You can see a detachable collar in KARL Lagefeld’s collection; the leather range is available in online fashion boutiques. His punkish collars were sold out in no time. This trend is not for the lazy dressers. Several other lofty-street labels have also cuddled the trend with shelves and online stores of Topshop, Eleven Objects and ASOS which are stuffed with an array of detachable collars.

A detachable collar is an easy-to-wear accessory that makes styling more versatile and appealing. You can attach a separable collar to any outfit, be it T-shirts, dresses of the 60s or any modern cut dress. You can choose from a wide range of styling collars like animal print, embellished, leather, and sequined or a plain white Peter Pan collar or even a geometric one. So now you have a number of options to easily play with your outfits. Though the detachable collar is more tilted towards androgyny, it can also flit in-between genders; it all depends on your styling.

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