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Bestowing a Smile with Vintage Gifts

Gifts are usual ways to make people happy. So are you thinking of bringing upon a happier smile on the face of someone dearest to you? Who is that someone, who makes you smile, wipes your tears in times of distress and sits beside you all night long when you are sick? That someone is none other than your dear wife who puts in her very best of efforts to see that you are happy.

 Now, that your anniversary date is approaching, you had been thinking hard to gift her something out-of-the-box. What could it be? Something unconventional, something appealing enough to tell she is your old wine? How about antique gifts? If you are looking for something unusual then, its best to check the list of vintage items you can gift her on that special hour. Old is never out, it sleeps.

 If you want your eccentricity to go higher this time, then check out from an array of classic collections that are genuine and bear historical importance. Here is a list of unusual anniversary gifts that wear the authentic antique touch:

 Medical measure cups: This antique measuring cup is made of glass and comes enclosed in a beautiful vintage leather case. The measuring cup-set crafted in the 1900s comprises a medicine tumbler and a tube.

Most importantly the measurements are hand-engraved lending an authentic essence to the tumbler and the tube. In the early 1900s such measuring cups were used to determine the amount of liquid medicine consumption.

Three pence of the Elizabethan era: This beautiful silver three pence coin wears a natural worn-out look which comes with its age. Yes, the coin is 446 years old. Can you believe this? The coin which was originally minted in the city of London is a rare piece.

Vintage gravy boat (Silver): This silver cutlery piece is something she would love to treasure all her life. The stylish design of the gravy boat makes it all the more attractive. The vintage cutlery piece after receiving years of care and polish wears a gleaming sheen.

Owl ring studded with crystals: This sparkling ring makes a great fashion choice. The gold-plated ring is studded with stunning crystals. These crystals would glisten on her slender and tender finger.

Antique keys: This pair of keys is there to unlock the feelings stored in her heart for you. The artistic pair wears an antique touch in an exquisite design.

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