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Wellness Masterclass Series : Look Good, Feel Good

Wellness Masterclass Series : Look Good, Feel Good

Medical research continues to robustly establish vigorous physical exercise as a major influence on overall health and well-being, in addition helping in the treatment of many diseases including depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis. A recent study found that regular, intense exercise beneficially influenced the action of 400 genes — that’s right, 400 genes, a huge number — that produce proteins increasing the healthy functioning of mitochondria, the energy-producing machinery inside every cell. Exercise or yoga is synergistic with medicines and surgery. Developing, undertaking, and maintaining an exercise regimen is one of the best steps a person can take toward a self-actualized style of medical care!

Yoga tips shared by Madhusatta

I personally attended this event along with other ladies and we had a practical session on yoga postures. Couple of us 40+ ladies confessed about our lazy habits and she suggested Surya Namaskar (12 steps making 1 round) as the best yoga for the lazy bones.

She also showed us the correct way of doing many other yoga postures while telling us the benefits of each one.

Madhusatta showing us the correct postures

Make up tips shared by Swagata

After a break with tasty refreshments….we were handed over to Swagata! She introduced us all the the importance of having a healthy skin and suggested why and how we can keep our skins hydrated and well maintained. After giving us some tips on maintaining healthy skin and hair, she proceeded to introduce us with make up weaponry! She then worked on each one of us, telling us about our facial features that we should highlight or subdue.


Rediscover Yourself with Yoga & Makeup

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Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self!
  • Understanding your face & body
  • Creating a personality with effective makeup techniques
  • Corrective Makeup Techniques (concealing dark circles, blemishes, pigmentation)
  •  Daytime & Evening Glam Party Makeover
Yoga helps realize how good your body is designed to feel!
  • Discussion on core strengthening and overall posture
  • Yoga poses to promote overall health and help prevent obesity
  • Address lifestyle ailments like poly cystic ovary, asthma, diabetes, thyroid disorder, hypertension and anxiety
  • Guided meditation and relaxation
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