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Update Your Accessories: How To Make Your Old Jewelry In Style Again

Much like fashion, jewelry designs fall in and out of style. Bright, bold pieces might seem garish when the tide turns to more feminine, demure styles. Even classic designs that are at home in any era can benefit from a little updating every now and then. The sky is the limit when it comes to refreshing old jewelry; many shops hold restyling events throughout the year, often hosting an in-house goldsmith who can restore special pieces. In fact, it is often less expensive to update existing jewelry, or to design a new piece with a customer’s gemstones, than it is to purchase a comparable item from the showcase. Here are a few ways to bring those old pieces back to life:

Simple Repairs

Most jewelry can be easily repaired. Rings can be resized to fit different fingers. Chain breaks can be soldered, undersized jump rings can be replaced with more user-friendly sizes, and clasps can be updated by goldsmiths who perform necklace repair in Indianapolis. Damaged necklaces can be trimmed and fitted into bracelets instead. Clip earrings can be converted to posts (pierced) for modern wear, or to leverbacks or other drop styles befitting one’s personal taste.

Update Your Accessories How To Make Your Old Jewelry In Style Again
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Worn tips and prongs can be built up to keep the stones safe, or have stones set into lower-profile heads for better protection. Replace worn ring bands with heavier, wider, or even adjustable shanks for a custom fit.

Update the Style

If a customer simply wants a whole new look, restyling options can be eye-opening. Stores often have a wide array of different mountings and design programs, making it easier to imagine how a new piece will look when finished. Create a right-hand ring from gemstones pulled from unused jewelry, or upgrade a diamond engagement ring with a larger stone; have the original set into a pendant to be passed down to another generation.

Custom Design

Flawed stones can be disguised in a new setting; some stones can be reshaped by a lapidary and reset to show off their new found brilliance. Add birthstones to an existing piece to represent family, or add two smaller side diamonds to a solitaire for a past/present/future anniversary ring.

Jewelry tells a story, from one generation to the next. Protect classic pieces by visiting jewelers like Gold Cobbler and other local goldsmiths and designers, or write a new page by commissioning a new setting for older stones. The possibilities are endless, and the end result will be a one-of-kind, customized treasure.

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