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Unique Gift Ideas – Making an Elderly feel Special

Once over 60, you will realize that your body and mind are not the same any more. Hence, this is the time when a person becomes most weak and vulnerable. It is, therefore, necessary to make elderly people stay away from stress and depression as much as possible. And what better way can there be to make his or her day than gifting unique items which are not only beneficial but also show how much you care.

Following is the list of five gift items you can give to an elderly person:

gifts to elderly

#1. Cool and Comfy Down-Jacket
The best way to tackle the months of biting cold and yet managing to look stylish is by wearing a down-jacket. These jackets are soft and durable, and are great in keeping the body warm. Moreover, a chic down-jacket can work wonders in making the elderly look younger.

#2. Homemade Quilt
If you or any other family member is good at sewing, a homemade quilt can be a creative and a heartfelt gift. If the elderly has a favorite team or a favorite flower, you have better chances to play with your creativity. Moreover, a personal message sewn in will make the quilt even more “warmer”.

#3. Electronic Treadmill
Exercising with a treadmill acts great in pain relief and burning excess calories. It is important you buy a fully electronic one in order to make the elderly avail all the latest features. Make sure that the treadmill is equipped with strong cushioning, adequate speed range, heart rate monitor and emergency shutoff.

#4. Amplified Phone System
Amplified photo systems come with concave earpieces which are designed to reflect sound waves directly into the ear. Their high-contrast LED screens and back-lightings on the numbers make it easier to read and dial. It is an effective gift if the elderly is suffering from vision or hearing disabilities.

#5. Gift Basket
Prepare a gift basket with your personal touch. Keep the lifestyle and interests of the elderly in mind. You can fill up the basket with flowers, candies and snacks. If the elderly has a hobby, include something related to that. You can also tuck in a gift voucher from the favorite shop or restaurant of the elderly.

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