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Quick Makeup Fixes for Working Women

Working women find it extremely difficult to manage the household work and prepare the breakfast in the midst of getting ready for office. The maddening rush does not even allow them to have a good look at the mirror before heading out. And when chances of applying even simple touch-ups are hard to come by, makeup disasters are not very uncommon.

In order to help you out, I have presented some of the most common makeup problems faced by working women, and the tips and tricks in order to get a quick fix.


#1. Running Eyeliner

Running eyeliner is one of the most common problems faced almost every day. In order to get rid of this sticky situation, it is advisable that you carry cotton ear buds inside your handbag. Use the buds to clean the smudges, and stoke the running eyeliner upwards to the eyelid. In order to prevent this problem in future, use a gel-based eyeliner. Also make sure that you do not apply too much apply too much moisturizer near your eyes.

#2. Chipped Nail Color

Untidy and chipped nail polish can be easily taken care of. You do not need to take the entire color off and re-apply it. Carry the nail polish which you have applied inside the handbag, and use it in the chipped area whenever necessary. In order to prevent this problem in future, apply a layer of transparent color over the nail polish. Also make sure that you rubber or plastic gloves while managing the household chores.

#3. Smeared Lipstick

The issue of the lipstick getting smeared while kissing your husband or children goodbye is also faced frequently. Carry a few cotton swabs, remover and concealer inside the handbag. Apply a little remover on a swab, and gently wipe the smeared part. To hide the marks, apply a small amount of concealer. In order to prevent this problem in future, avoid using the glossy lipsticks. Make sure that you apply lipsticks which are in matte form.

Working women must keep in mind that their makeup should be as light as possible. A light makeup is easier to carry, and chances of problems are also going to be less. But in case there is an issue, do not lose your cool; solutions are easy to find when the situation is dealt with a calm mind.

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