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How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs While Shaving

Most men understand the visual appeal of a fresh shave. Unfortunately, the perfect shave can be ruined by the presence of ingrown hairs. Taking the necessary steps to prevent ingrown hair is especially important for men that happen to have coarse or curly facial hair. Here are some effective tips for preventing ingrown hairs while shaving.

Always Wash face prior to shaving

Contrary to the opinions of some people, shaving should always be done after washing the face. In order to obtain a quality shave, the face needs to remain thoroughly moisturized. A good rule of thumb is to wash the face immediately after taking a warm shower. It is also advisable to use a gentle facial scrub at least twice a week to dislodge any ingrown hairs.

How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs While Shaving

Learn to use a safety razor

Today’s market is full of high-tech razors that are designed with multiple blades. However, these modern razors make the skin a lot more susceptible to ingrown hairs. A classic safety razor will ensure that the facial hairs remain above the skin line. The most important thing to remember is to avoid overstretching the skin when using a safety razor.

Do not shave against the grain

Shaving against the grain is a major cause of ingrown hairs. Although the initial shave may appear to be very clean, ingrown hairs are likely to develop within 24 hours. In most instances, the ingrown hairs will also lead to the formation of razor bumps. Always follow the direction of your beard growth when shaving.

Use high-end shaving products

The average shaving gel found in the drugstore contains ingredients that tend to dry out the skin. On the other hand, a quality shaving cream contains moisturizing emollients that soften the facial hairs. Some also contain essential oils that help to minimize the friction between the razor and the skin. Although some shaving creams contain fragrances, men with sensitive skin should opt for the unscented versions.

Use a moisturizer after shaving

Dry facial hairs are always more likely to curl back into the skin. A good moisturizer is made with ingredients that help to heal the skin after shaving. Splashing your face with alcohol is a definite no-no when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs. Before applying an aftershave balm, close the pores by rubbing witch hazel on the shaved area.


Do not allow the presence of ingrown hairs to ruin your show-stopping shave. Use these tips to keep your facial skin looking refreshed and bump-free.

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