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Hair Care Tips : 5 Tips To Know How To Shampoo

Hair Care Tips : 5 Tips To Know How To Shampoo

If you have encountered this post and have now decided to give it a read, it is obvious that you are already surprised because the topic is about how to wash your hair properly. Well, that is an insult! – you think. However, on the other hand it might have struck your attention and now you are curious to find out what this blog post suggests when you decide to shampoo your hair. Glad you have decided to give it a read, because you might be shocked to learn that maybe all these years you were following a wrong pattern to wash your hair.

Here is a compiled list of tips suggested by hair care experts, on how to give yourself a proper hair wash.


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Carry on reading to discover what new things you were missing all these while, whenever you went to wash your hair:

#1 – You Do Not Have To Wash Your Hair Daily

This is done by many because they feel that their tresses become dirty often and a good hair wash is all they need to freshen up. Well, if you are one of them, then there must be something wrong with your shampoo, or else you wouldn’t feel your hair is dirty every day.

#2- Stick To The Scalp Of Your Hair

You need to ensure that your hair root is clean. That is why, gently massage the shampoo on your scalp only. Do not think of scrubbing it with your finger nails. Massage your scalp and work your way gently down the rest of the strand. Do not pile up your hair on top of your head and then scrub. That will only create knot instead. You would find a different hair wash pattern followed by beauticians, if you ever walk into a beauty parlor for a hair wash.

#3- Your Hair Is Weak And Vulnerable When Wet

So, try to be gentle with it. When you wash you hair, try lathering up the shampoo with your palm and then apply it on the scalp of your head. The palm of your hands get lubricated when you lather up the shampoo in your hand. This reduces the damage of wear and tear that can come when washing. It is generally advised not to use comb on a wet hair. But if you have got to, then comb with wide teeth.

#4- Rinse Your Hair With Cool Water

Never wash your hair with hot water. That damages your hair. So, use cool water instead since that will tighten you hair cuticles and give it an added shine.

#5- Apply Conditioner Only On The Shaft Of Your Hair

There is no need to apply it to the roots. You need to condition your hair strands. Once you have applied, leave it there for 4 to 5 minutes at least. You can in the mean time shave your legs or wash your face while you wait.

Hope the above points have been worthwhile reading and now you know how to take care of your hair when washing. What type of hair do you have? Dry?Curly?…Do tell us how do you take care when washing your hair.

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