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Get More Fashionable This Fall With The Perfect Stole!

Well, if Fall is here, can Christmas be far behind? We see leaves drying off, we feel a mild chill in air while the killing cringe for bowlfuls of hot soup haunt us ceaselessly.

That time of the year when we take every little measure to look our best, feel our best, let go of all tight ropes and simply indulge! That spell of the year when women go ransacking their cupboards to pull out ‘that’ particular jacket, which irrespective of its age and flaky weariness, continues to rule their hearts.

And if you think, old clothes are enough to bring a smile on her lovely lips, winter is coming to prove you brutally incorrect. She wants to doll up and needs new jackets, coats and last but not the least, at least a dozen brilliant scarves to go with every attire and make this Fall a tad more crimson.


An Indispensable Organ– That is exactly how a woman treats her scarves and stoles all winter. Kate Hudson boasts of possessing not less than 200 scarves which she very carefully chose and recalls collecting from various places. Whether you wrap it or tie it or simply hang it loose or drag along, these pretty little things can jazz up your attire and transform your look completely. Professional-check. Chick-check, smart-check, elegant-check, classy-check, boho-check, oh yes! Stoles and scarves gets you all and you just can’t go wrong with them.

The Comfort Count- Stoles offer you just the right warmth and cozy comfort that this soft chill of Fall requires. Cashmere, knitted wool, silk, cotton, they come in all possible textures and materials but generally very soft and gentle to touch. They neatly fall around the neck or shoulder complementing a pretty lady’s slender features. Not just that, tying them tight around your hand bag can take you by surprise giving you a way trendier look.

They keep you warm, they feel soft on your skin, make you look good and can elevate even the most drab outfit into something pleasantly presentable. Need we say more?

bright stoles

Spoilt For Choice– If the choice of materials have worn you out, how do you plan to deal with the gamut of designs that stoles and scarves happen to shape in? There are stripes, cubes, zens and various other patterns for the one in love with geometric shapes, then there is polka dots, the ever so pretty and feminine, floral prints, animal prints especially the zebra stripes and leopard prints- all ranged up to take you for a dance through a maze of designs and leave you pleasantly confused as to which one to fix for.

Sprinkle Some Color- Fall is known to be a season when colors meet. No harm if nature reflects in what you wear. Time to invite bright hues of oranges and reds, yellows and greens, pinks and purples in your wardrobe. A black denim teamed with a simple black tee and a bright mono-color stole to go with it would just be perfect, don’t you think?

With few suggestions to and a wide range of choices here’s hoping a more fashionable Fall with these awesome accessories!!

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