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Dress Up For Halloween With Some of These Creative Ideas

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31st October was the night, when everyone got ready to take out their scary costumes, deck their houses with themed props and go around, ringing doorbells for trick- or-treat. Dressing yourself up for Halloween has always been a priority. During this time, stores come up with incredible costumes, some of which are quite costly to buy.

This practice of dressing up is an old tradition that is being followed for over hundred years.

Did You Know The Tale Behind Halloween Costume?

On this eve, people used to believe that this is the time when the barrier between the living and the dead dissolves. Spirits come and try to posses one of the human bodies in order to relive. Fearing this, the Celts used to turn off the lights in their houses and dress ghoulishly, to scare away all kinds of spirit out of their town. Later, this practice was adopted by the Roman Catholics. Though people no more believe in all these myths, they still keep on dressing up like goblins, witches and mummies to retain the ceremonial tradition.

It is also an opportunity for family and friends to get together and have a good time.

While there were tons of candies, pumpkins and props, this time, some of you might have faced a tough time dressing up. Here are some quick tips which you could make use of, when the next time Halloween arrives. The tips are fun, easy and you don’t need to shed away all your dollars at all.

DIY: Quick Tips to Dress Up For Halloween

1. Get One Of Those Scary/ Quirky Tees

It is no problem to get hold of one of those quirky tees with cool texts and images. You can easily find one of those T-shirts, with images of monsters and witches printed on them. You can team it up with a pair of jeans and wallah! You are ready with your Halloween dress. It looks smart. You can accessorize your look with metallic ornaments (some shops sell skull faced accessories) and makeup. It’s fast and casual.

2. Use Lots Of Makeup ( Especially Red And Black)

Makeup completes your entire look. You can go for various makeups to complete your look if you are thinking of dressing up like a pirate or like a zombie. You can also turn out to be a sexy witch by painting your lips red, bordering your eye rims and painting your nails with black color. A pair of high heels and you are ready to walk down the road and have fun at any Halloween party. You can also use those cat-eye-liners to make yourself look trendy.

3.  Put On An Ugly Looking Sweater

A lot of ugly sweater parties pop up during Christmas, so you could utilize one of those, to give yourself a haggard look. Team it up with a messy hairdo and a scary look. You will get a thumbs-up for your look.

In case, You Are Absolutely Not Into Decking Yourself Too Much…

Then go simple. Team yourself up with whatever you have in your closet. You could also read some of these ideas in case you like one of them and decide to dress up-

 > Dress Up Like Audrey Hepburn

All you need is a little black dress, a big sun-glass and one of those witch hats. Flaunt the Chignon hairstyle and you will be ready.

> Dress Up Like Rosie The Riveter

Button down your dark blue shirt and roll your sleeves up. Tie up your hair with a bandana. Add a dash of red lipstick and you are full on.

> Dress Up Like A Celebrity In Disguise

You must be knowing the trend that celebrities follow to disguise themselves. All you need is a pair of sun-glass and one of those baseball caps. The dress-up becomes complete with a little bit of acting. You can pretend around, telling people that you are one of those incognito celebrities.

There are many cool tips, which you can use. Some of them can also come out of the creative side of your brain. Use these tips to match with your own idea and you will come up with a different scary idea altogether. Tell us how did you dress yourself up this Halloween?


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