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Carefully Choose The Materials For Your Winter Clothes

Preparing your wardrobe for the winters is a relatively easy thing to do if you make intelligent choices about the clothes you want to wear. It is best to avoid wearing cotton clothes and opt for fabrics that can provide insulation from the cold and winds.

Outer Layer
Tightly woven synthetic fibers like nylon is a good insulator. Wear nylon jackets with a zipper and two sliders which can be accessed and opened from both top and bottom. Ensure that it has a hood with drawstrings that can protect your neck and head.

Middle Layers
You can wear tees and cardigans under your jacket, so that you can take off the jacket when you are indoors. It is best to avoid wearing cotton clothes during winters as they are very poor insulators and tend to absorb moisture very easily. Wearing clothes made of fabrics such as polyester, silk, polypropylene or acrylic are helpful during winters as they are good and effective insulators.

Hands and Feet
Thickly knitted mittens are a good option for keeping your hands warm. But if you are going outdoors, then wear leather or nylon gloves on top of the mittens to get effective insulation against the wind. Also, pick your boots carefully. Unless you are playing a special kind of snow sport, then buy a pair which has a thick inner felt lining for effective insulation. Be careful to ensure that it is waterproof and has a windproof leather or nylon surface cover.

Buy hats which have extensions to cover your ears. One such type is the balaclava hat. The front part of it can be pulled down to form a hood to cover the head. It has an oval shaped opening to expose your face. There is sufficient material which can be used to cover your forehead, neck and your whole face with only your eyes being exposed. It can also be pulled back to look like a winter cap.

There are certain essential garments that are required to be adequately dressed during winters. Always check out the functionality of the garment before rating it on the style meter.


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