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Cameo Jewelry – an Accessory Trend Let in 2012

It is now time to rummage through your grand mom’s jewelry box and while doing so keep a heedful eye out for cameo jewelry. In the Victorian era, Cameo was popularized by Queen Elizebeth as she decked herself with pendant which had trees, flowers and mythological Gods carved on them. Cameos were the royal accessories and vintage bestsellers in that era. Cameo, a chameleon in disguise can either be a romantic accessory or just a statement piece. Cameo jewelry with immaculate carvings is now most treasured and a worthy accessory. Mostly they come in oval shapes with borders but with the advent of the laser technology the monochromatic past has been replaced by various shapes and colors.

How to wear Cameo?
If you are willing to keep up with the latest fashion, you can wear Cameo jewelry as a brooch around the collar or just pin it to your scarf. You can use small cameo blocks as cufflinks in a crisp white shirt. Match cameo ear rings with high silhouettes which is great for spring 2012. While purchasing Cameo opt for trendy ones like over sized cameo pendants, brooches and fashionable ear rings. If you discover a shell cameo out of your grandmother’s jewelry box, go to a jewelry designer to redo it on glass which will give it a solid base.

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