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The Importance of Personal Style: 6 Tips for Finding Your Look

Having a enviable personal style is both a challenge and goal for most people. The way you dress and present yourself is one of the few forms of self expression that everyone can see and understand. It is a great opportunity that people don’t always take advantage of.
It’s fun to throw a few trendy pieces into your wardrobe, but you still want to keep your overall look individually yours. At the same time, you don’t want to appear dated for fear of trying the latest fashions. The following tips will help you balance all of this into your own look.


Thrift Stores

Thrift stores offer shoppers an affordable way to keep their style new. These stores range from Good Will to privately owned boutiques. It’s the perfect place to find the unexpected. This works for just about everyone, no matter what your style and the look you are trying to emulate, thrift store are a great option, just make sure you have the time to go on a regular basis and going with an open mind is always a good idea, you never know what you  are going to find.

The Importance of Personal Style- 6 Tips for Finding Your Look


Don’t Buy Everything From One Retailer

Choosing your entire wardrobe and accessories from a single chain store gives you the same look everyone shopping there has. Go to these stores only one time each season to pick out a few basic pieces to add to what you already own. If you’re looking for jeans jeans jeans, you can buy them all here, but don’t forget to add personal details to make them unique.


Sew Your Own Clothing

Learning to sew can pay off tremendously when it comes to a fashionable look. You can alter new pieces to fit perfectly or create your own unique items. Another perk is that you can buy inexpensive items and add additional detail to make it truly you.


Don’t Avoid Mom and Dad’s Closet

Vintage clothing is a popular trend, and chances are your parents have those perfect looks hanging in the back of their closets. It’s affordable, they’ll be impressed, and everyone benefits from it. It also adds some personality and history to the outfit.



Look for unique items in odd places. You never know when you’ll find that favorite accessories. Create your own jewelry, or use an item for a new purpose. Scarves make great belts or vests. This is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your basic items, keeping older clothing looking fresh.


Wear only Pieces you like

Only buy items you really like. Don’t fall for buying what’s on display for no other reason than to keep up with the latest styles. If you feel comfortable, you’ll look great. Stick to a brand you know and trust. Add fun details to make them trendy.


If you use these tips, you’ll soon find you have a unique wardrobe that still reflects the latest styles without sacrificing your own tastes. Instead of struggling with your look, you will be having fun.

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