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The 5 Fashion Essentials that Every Business Woman Should Own

Every business woman knows a tailored white button down shirt and grey or black body-type appropriate skirt are classics that belong in her wardrobe. However, in today’s business climate, the modern business woman needs her wardrobe to help her stand out as much as her talent. Here are five must-have business wardrobe items that help any business woman make a statement at the office.

Good Quality, Lightweight Scarves

A lightweight scarf is a great way to add color and interest to any business ensemble. Solid colors, such as blue, purple, forest green or even red will add punch to a solid colored top and business pants. For a more business casual look, a flower print scarf pairs nicely with a fitted pull-over sweater and A-line skirt. As a bonus, socialites convert this into a look that’s ready for an evening out by removing the jacket and pairing the look with a pair of stiletto espadrilles.

The 5 Fashion Essentials that Every Business Woman Should Own

Fitted Camisoles and T-shirts

A fitted camisole worn under a solid-colored button down shirt is a great way to add layers and more color to a business outfit. Pairing a dark blue, black or gray camisole with a white shirt creates a look that is strictly business. For the more relaxed business woman a striped camisole with a shirt in a color that compliments it is a fantastic look, for example, a pink camisole pairs nicely with a pastel purple fitted shirt.

Button Down Sweaters and Fitted Jackets

For more layering options, wear a Henley style tee-shirt or a cotton camisole with lace lining under a fitted jacket or button down sweater tailored to flare just below the waist. When paired with a pencil skirt or tailored pants, this look is exceptionally flattering. For the more feminine look, a delicate crocheted-lace sweater with soft curves pairs nicely with a satin fitted camisole and tailored slacks.

Oversized Belts

Belts are no longer just functional, they’re also fashionable. Pair a large bold colored belt, such as red, blue or purple with a gray sweater dress that hits just above the knee, add a pair of black textured tights for a trendy business casual look.

Tasteful Earrings and Bracelets

No business ensemble is complete without a pair of tasteful earrings and a nice bracelet. Many women gravitate toward simple stud style pearl or gemstone earrings for their work wear. Huggie earrings, hoops that hug the earlobes, and drop-style earrings are a great way to add interest to an ensemble. Instead of one single-colored gemstone, they can contain several different types of gemstones, adding a colorful flair to even the most proper business attire. A tennis or simple chain bracelet that complements the earrings creates a polished look.

These five fashion essentials are easy to find anywhere, online at websites such as, or at any clothing retailer. Whether funky and fun or conservative and collected, these items are bound to make any business woman stand out while sitting at her desk or giving a presentation in the boardroom.


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