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Pregnancy is Not an Impediment for Being Fashionable

You are thrilled about your pregnancy news! Aren’t you? However, pregnancy does not mean nine months of wardrobe disaster; rather you should try and come out of your obsession of wearing the same set of clothes with which you have filled your wardrobe for years. Not even a larger size of them will be of any help. Only a complete revamp can make fashion work on your completely new body.


No matter how much praise your looks in tucked- in blouses, body- hugging dresses has got, but those clothes should be locked in the wardrobe for a few months. There are a few fashion rules to be followed during or the days immediately after pregnancy for remaining chic and stylish gracefully.

Find the right fit for yourself: Side ruched dresses and T- shirts (preferably of stretched jersey) with leggings are the best choice for the days when the baby bump starts showing up. When it comes to fashion during the pregnancy days, extreme levels like, skin hugging or tent- like clothes are not right. The dress should skim and snug at the right parts of the body. Make sure, your dress has draw- strings, ruchings at the right place for gathering fabrics where necessary.

The Right Length of The Dress: Skirts or dresses with a hemline near the knee are the best during the pregnancy days. Any length a little shorter than that can seem to be an ungraceful exposure, while longer lenth can make a pregnant lady look short and dowdy. You should take special care for the length if you are petite and pregnant. A few less or more inches of your dress can look very unflattering.

Focus on The Positive Side: Try to attract attention to the positive points of your body during pregnancy. V- neck is a good choice or clothes of pregnant women. Any neck style baring the decolletage area looks good on pregnant women. Try to avoid a neck- cut that is too low to offer proper coverage to your cleavage. Focus should be invited on face, neck and shoulder area.

Wrap style dresses or tops can camouflage the extra flab in the right way. As your curves keep growing, you get the opportunity to adjust the wrap tie. Moreover, a wrap dress creates a deep V at the neck that makes the entire look of a pregnant lady very graceful and flattering.

It is completely a wrong notion that fashion is for people in the right shape and size. Being fashionable is just about being gracefully dressed and looking great in whatever suits you. Being a little careful about the fact can save you from facing any sort of embarrassment.

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