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Get the Job: Three Tips for Dressing for a Job Interview

You only get one chance to make a first impression and that one chance could mean the difference between getting a job or remaining unemployed. When you set out to impress the interviewer with your background and skills, always remember that your appearance plays a huge role in your success. No matter what kind of job you are interviewing for, you need to make sure that you dress properly and make a good first impression.

Proper Grooming Is Important

Everything about your appearance, right down to the after shave gel you use, will be noticed by the interviewer. That is why it is critical that you arrive properly groomed and prepared to impress the company.

Your job interview is not the place to make a personal statement about the length of your hair or the unique way in which you trim your beard. Your hair should be cut in a professional manner and styled appropriately. If you have facial hair, then keep it trimmed and clean. Experts with The Art of Shaving suggest that if you want to make a strong first impression, then shaving your facial hair off completely is a good move.

Get the Job Three Tips for Dressing for a Job Interview

Avoid Loud Colors

Colorful accents to your business attire are acceptable, but only in moderation. Your interview clothing should consist of a conservatively-designed business suit in dark colors. You can worry about fitting in with the company dress code after you have the job. To get the job, you will need to show that you understand how to dress in a professionally acceptable manner.

Proper GroomingMen can wear a tie that has color to it, but avoid novelty ties or loud images at all cost. Many women like to accent their conservative dress suit with a colorful scarf. As long as the scarf is not inappropriate or distracting to the interviewer, then it is acceptable.

Avoid Perfumes and Colognes

If you normally wear a lot of perfume or cologne, then that is a habit you will have to break for your interview. The best solution is to not wear any perfume or cologne at all if you want to make the right impression. Some people are allergic to perfume and cologne, which would make a strong artificial aroma the wrong way to introduce yourself to a potential employer.

The more steps you take to dress for success with your job interview, the more you are doing to show the company that you are serious about getting the job. Get the job by making sure that you dress properly and carry yourself in a professional manner.

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