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Five Great Style Hacks for Fashionable Men

Five Great Style Hacks for Fashionable Men

There is one aspect of life that nearly all people everywhere, men and women alike, struggle with: style. Everyone likes to look good, but sometimes fashion can be a little too demanding to maintain every day. Fortunately, there are a few simple, stylish “hacks” men can use to look their best in next to no time at all.

1. Emergency Tie Clips

If you have to wear a tie, but it won’t stay close to your body, use a paper-clip. Hook one of the curved sections around a button and secure the body of the clip around the inside of your tie. While it’s not the most stylish method, it’ll work in a pinch.

2. Concealer Pens

Women have makeup to cover their blemishes, but what do men have? Nothing…until now. Concealer sticks like The Men Pen come in a variety of colors to match any skin tone. Use these to cover up blemishes on your face like acne, cuts, scars, and more to give you a perfect, even-toned complexion. Men’s skin care and makeup products can even be used to hide the dark circles under your eyes from too many late nights!

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3. De-Wrinkle Shirts as You Shower

When you’re getting ready for the day, just hang a wrinkled shirt on the towel rack and make sure the bathroom door is closed as you shower. By doing this, the steam relaxes any wrinkles that might be in your shirt before you put it on.  As soon as you get out of the shower, lay the shirt out on a flat surface and use something with a rounded edge to push those wrinkles right out.

4. Pull off a Peel Shine

If you have a big date coming up but only possess drab, dull-looking shoes, you can use the inside of a banana peel to rub scuffs away and give your shoe its old shine back. Peel the banana, and then use the inside of the peel to lightly rub over the scuffed area of your shoe until it gleams.

5. Make Stains History

One of the worst things you can do is stain your shirt right before heading out. If this happens, place a drop or two of vinegar on the stain and rub it vigorously with a washcloth. The stain should come right out. Allow the shirt to dry without pulling on it, and you’ll be good to go!

Using these tips can help you get the look you want in no time at all, and are perfect for those times you get in a bind. Staying stylish can be tough, but a few easy tricks are all you need to look your best anywhere, anytime. Be among the fashionable men!

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