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Design Guide for Your Customized Patches

Designing your own patches for apparel can be a challenging task, especially if you need these to serve a specific purpose. The numerous choices available make it even more difficult, instead of easier. Whether you need to design patches to promote your brand or to signify your association with an industry, you need to do it right.

Before you contact a company for creating custom patches for your group, association or company, you need to know the process for doing it. How do you handle the task of customizing patches? Here is a step-by-step design guide to help you with this.

Choose the shape of the patches. It is not necessary to stick to rectangular or round patches. You can experiment with the shape of these patches to enhance the style quotient. A phoenix-shaped patch for a fire service department or a skull-shaped patch for a biker group signifies their association and looks trendy too.

Choose the size of the patches. The width and length determine the size of the patch. Keep in mind the size of the apparel when deciding the size of the patches. If you choose a small patch for a T-shirt, it may look inconspicuous. However, a large patch designed for a T-shirt will not be appropriate for a small item such as a cap.

Choose the patch fabric. Most of the patches are designed from polyester twill. This is the most durable fabric available for creating the apparel patches. However, you may also choose alternatives such as suede or felt for your patches. Consider the look and feel you want from the patches when determining this.

Choose the backing for the patches. PVC, Velcro, iron-on, adhesive – the types of backing options available for custom patches are endless. While you may also choose not to use any backing, it is a better idea to opt for an appropriate backing choice. This will ensure better durability of the patches on the fabric.

Choose the embroidery percentage. Whether you need patches with embroidery on certain portions or on the entire surface, it is possible to order them. You may decide to get 50%, 75% or 100% embroidery for the patches you order. You may create your own design or let the artists do it; however, keep your budget in mind.

Choose the thread and mesh colors. Certain colors look better on certain backgrounds. Whether you want patches with one-two colors or seven-eight colors, you need to select the mesh and thread colors with care. If you are confused about the colors, you had better seek help from the professional graphic artists.

Choose the borders for the patches. For simple shaped patches, the popular choice is merrowed border. This border shows a woven design alongside the edges. You may also choose heat cut border. This type of border is suitable for the complex and distinctive shaped custom embroidered patches, as it offers a smooth finish.

Making the right choices ensures that the custom patches you order is just the ones you need. Whether you want to design the patches for a personal reason, such as your biker club patches, or for a professional one, such as your restaurant employee patches, the right patches will ensure an effective look and feel.

You need not make the decisions on your own; you may seek the help of professional graphic artists to customize the patches you require. They may also create the right embroidered patches from your business logo or association symbol. If you have a basic design idea, all you need to do is provide it to them and let them handle the rest!

Eric Murphy works as a fashion consultant. He provides advice regarding the ways in which patchwork adds to the look and feel of fashion wear. If you are looking for more information about trendy or customized patches, his tips are sure going to be of help in finding a service that designs and manufactures these.

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