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Denim Spa Jeans by Wrangler to Keep Your Skin Moisturized

You do not need to stuff your bags with bottles of moisturiser this winter. If the skin of your legs get dry and feels itchy in dry climate, Wrangler has an effective solution to the constant scratching of your legs due to dry skin. The new Denim Spa Jeans by Wranglers are designed to not only offer you a perfect fit, but to provide you with smooth, moist and soft skin.


The jeans with the latest skin fit styling are treated with hydrating elements like butters and oils retrieved from natural resources like rosehip oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, passion fruit oil, etc all for fighting cellulite. According to British Voque, these jeans will be available in the market in three finishes, viz. Smooth Legs, Aloe Vera and Olive Extract. The last two models will be infused with aloe vera and olive extracts respectively, while the ‘Smooth Leg’ model will contain algae extracts, caffaine and retinol. The hydrating ingredients are stored in micro-capsules and are embedded in the fabric of the jeans. The product is expected to be available for $136 or 85 pounds.

The jeans come with a tag-line saying, “The soothing touch of nature, now available in jeans”. The sources are yet to disclose if at the initial stage, the product will be available in the US market or not. The moment you wear the jeans, the tiny capsules get rubbed against your skin and burst to smear the contents of those capsules on your skin. The olive and the aloe vera models are for moisturizing your skin while, the ‘smooth leg’ versions are specially designed to battle cellulite.

The moisturising agents present in these jeans get evaporated in two weeks. A reload spray will be there for adding some more moisturiser to the product once the existing amount of hydrating element is gone. The price of the reload spray has not yet been disclosed. The reload spray of natural oil is expected to stay for around 67 to 95 wears.

Wrangler’s product page is yet not available for this product. There are certain details about the product and its washing instructions that are required for anticipating its effectiveness. These products will soon be available from the online retailer ASOS. If you are still mulling over the exact benefits of buying such jeans for you, just add another point to the list. Fragrant moisturizers from natural source will have the deodorizing effect to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

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