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5 Common Summer Beauty Fads

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These summer time beauty myths are so common and disastrous that we can’t ignore them any longer, but impart a bit insight to bring out the truth behind them. Here are some of these popular beauty fads,


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1.       Light perfumes are just the best fit for summers: Our Verdict- No! There is nothing more unattractive than body odour. We love to spend more time on the beach and physical activities in the summers that lead us to perspire more. This makes our body smell foul sooner than in cooler seasons of the year. Most perfume brands boast of the cool and light summer perfumes with citrusy and floral notes. You may get easily tempted, to think them to be the best fit for the warm weathers, to smell fresh. Stop and think. Where and when do you plan to wear them most? If you are travelling to more humid places, you will tend to sweat more. The sweltering heat of most Middle Eastern and Asian countries can make your body odor ward off people around you. For excessive hot and humid climates, try out a bottle with a stronger base note like spice and wood or any other louder floral fragrances, to cover up the foul stench.

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2.       After-suns work the same as body lotions: Our Verdict- Half truth After-sun creams are also moisturizers, but their primary job is to cool your skin and prevent sunburns from getting worse. They are mainly made out of aloe vera as the main ingredient, and also include other skin calming properties. After too much sun exposure, after-sun lotions act fast to speed up you normal skin repair mechanisms to heal quickly.These are actually good for your skin, if you have got a sensitive hide that gets flushed in the sun and heat. The formulae vary widely from brand to brand so, check the ingredients before you get one for yourself. The ones with chamomile and lavender do wonders to your heated skin and keep you feeling cool and fresh.

fad retinol

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3.       Retinol is not for Summers: Our Verdict- Half truth True that you must use a good sun-protection if you are on a retinol based treatment. This may make you think that you should completely avoid retinol products in the Summers. Well that’s not exactly right according to the skin experts. Sun by itself is quiet harmful for sensitive skin and can make it more delicate, while on a heavy medication. But a milder percent of retinol can amply take care of the sensitivities. Stick to a higher SPF sunscreen lotion. Avoid direct sun exposure to prevent any side effects if your skin is reactive in the early stages of the treatment. Over the long run, retinol actually makes your skin thicker lessening the chances of any sun damage.

fad nailpaints

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4.       Storing Nail paints in the fridge prevents drying faster in summers: Our Verdict- Truth is quite the opposite Direct exposure to the sun can convert the formula and storing them in freezing temperature would dry them faster. This does more bad than good to the nail paints in the long run. Once you use the nail paint, the bottle lids tend to not close properly. So, it doesn’t  prevent the solvents from evaporating. In summers, the bottles get hotter which causes them to dry fast. It’s a better option to store your polish in an airtight container, or placing them in a place that is away from too much heat, like your bathroom closet. Post application, always remember to clean the bottle heads with a cotton pad dipped in remover.

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