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When The Perfect Palazzo Tells Its Tale!!

Palazzos are smart. Check. They are chic. Check. They are trendy. Check. They are uber cool with hot prints and designs and cuts and flows. Check. In short, palazzos are stylish enough to make every season look even better on you.

There is a subtle vintage taste that comes with palazzos. History reveals its retro connection and massive popularity with the glamorous actresses of 1960s. And if we stress our grey cells a bit more, we’ll remember the avant garde fashion of 1930s and1940s when women flaunted their flawless leggy figures with wide-skirted cuffed trousers and bell-bottoms- the daddy generation of our beloved palazzos.

You can breathe easy with these pants in summer, provided you choose supple fabrics. They come in awesome pints, cool cotton and crepes that refuse to stick to your skin. The narrow-legged version with coarser fabrics are perfect to keep you warm in winter.


Now if you’re aiming to buy a pair this season, think balance! Palazzos are loose and bottom heavy pants that flare from thighs, so combine it with something cropped and short that fits you well.
Here’s all that you can do with a pair of palazzo!


Formal fervor – Go minimal with your office look. Team the flowy palazzos with cropped semi-formal tops or with shirts but tucked in. young corporate professionals love the narrow legged palazzos for its chic look and softer texture. They fire the sensuality peppering it with the right attitude. We say, smart!!

For petite prettiness – There is a tried and tested formula with baggy pants. If it is loose on the bottom go for a well fitted top. Muster the style and all you cute little ladies out there would just rock the style. Also, high heels can spin its magic by giving you an instant slimming effect. We say, go for it girl!!

Get glamorous – For a nice and shapely silhouette, choose classy corsets or tweak it with a tank top. Wear something that snugs to your body letting the pants do its job of blooming and flattering your beautiful body. Pearls with its richness can add just the right drop of glamor. We say, try it and love yourself!
Color blocking and crazy prints – Oh yes! Palazzos let you experiment, explore and run wild with your imagination. Colors in their electric hues do perfect justice to palazzos. Remember, that pant should get all the attention so a simple white, creme or beige top in feminine cuts are just right. And if you want it bright overall, play safe with the bright color pairs in vogue, we say, yellow and purple perhaps?

And for prints you can prance around. Animal to bright stripes, floral prints to zigzags. You can also flaunt abstract art on them, palazzos mean lot of fabric guys, use your imagination. Startle them with hazy prints in neon shades that smoothly transport you to a maze of illusions! We say, you can rock it!

Correct accessories – Now, this is a very important part. Palazzos are usually loud. Even if you choose sober shades and team it with softer tops they tend to grab all attention. We would suggest not to make any statement with jewelries as the pants you wear are bold enough. But, soft chunky pieces complement the look perfectly. And yes, high heels are a must. Block or wedges are your wish. Complete freedom in there.
We say, just jazz it up woman!!

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