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You Are Never Fully Dressed If You Don’t Wear A Smile

wear a smile

Why You Are Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

So? Wear a smile !

When most people get ready for the day they forget their most important accessory. A smile can turn your ensemble into a power house fashion statement. Whether it’s that plum job interview or dinner with a new date, a well-put-together outfit can help make a favorable impression but a healthy smile will seal the deal.

It Brightens Your Demeanor

A smile can change how you are perceived. An outward smile makes you seem more approachable and trustworthy. Your clothes could say ‘sexy diva,’ but with a smile they say sexy and amiable. Instead of people admiring you from across the room, you instantly draw people to you for conversation and networking.

wear a smile

Turns Everyone’s Day Around

A well-dressed person alone may not change the outcome of an intense meeting. However, walking in well-groomed and with a bright smile and you can help relax tense colleagues. A smile can not only relax a person that you are talking to but can get them smiling in return. They can pass that gift on to others. This can turn the day around for everyone. Just make sure that your smile is genuine. A fake smile can be spotted and it can immediately turn a positive situation into a bad one. One trick to keeping a genuine smile on your face is to think of something positive before interacting with people, such as a happy memory or a favorite joke.

You’re More Attractive

A smile on your face brings a sparkle to your eyes and warmth to your skin. It exudes an air of confidence and sincerity that causes people to have a favorable impression of you. If you are looking to attract that potential mate with a new outfit, add a genuine smile and you will be irresistible.

No Smile is Overlooked

A smile is a universal sign of happiness. You can wear it like jewelry to compliment any outfit. Hiding an imperfect smile behind hands and glasses can change how you are perceived, even if you are genuinely happy. According to the Midtown Dental Centre, trusted in the Windsor dental community, many people are afraid to smile due to imperfections or yellowing of the teeth. Simple and low-cost procedures can give your smile a brilliant sparkle.


Keeping a smile on your face is completing every outfit you wear. A smile is the most important fashion accessory there is and should be worn every day.

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