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Things to Keep in Mind when choosing Pants for Women

Things to Keep in Mind when choosing Pants for Women

Do you always fret over ill-fitted pants? Whether you buy a larger size or a smaller one, nothing seems to fit you perfectly. Well, this is a common story for most of the girls. This is the reason why shopping for women is a slightly more tricky than picking things for men. Women have a tendency to get heavy on the hips, stomach and thighs and that too in different proportions. Naturally, even plump women have ten different sizes which suit their body shape.

In order to cater to these varied sizes, stores offer different styles of pants and jeans. So, how do you pick a pair of pants which suit your shape perfectly? Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind if you want properly fitted pants:


Women with bigger bottoms often have a difficulty in finding the right pair of pants. Quite often it happens that when they find a size which rightly fits their rear, the waist becomes too big. As a result of which, they feel uncomfortable and there is an ugly gap at the back of the waistband. So, what can do you do to solve this problem? Don’t worry. Nowadays there are plenty of styles when it comes to women’s pants. You must go with curvy fitted pants or a high rise pant if you have a big backside. The extra fabric keeps everything covered and at the same time gives a round and fuller shape to your back.


If the middle portion of your body is the problem area, then you should avoid certain types of pants which may be trending now. For example, do not go for low-rise jeans because it further accentuates your belly fat. You can wear high rise pants but make it a point to wear long tops or tunics which keeps your stomach area covered effectively. Another thing you can do to keep the attention away from your middle portion is by wearing an off-shoulder or one shoulder top which keeps the eyes fixed on the upper part of your body.


Which is the correct length of pant that women should be wearing? This question has been disturbing all women for a long time now, especially for those who love to wear heels. Some of them hem their pants in order to be comfortable in flats or high heels. But it doesn’t work that way. You must always separate the pants you wear with heels from the ones which go with flats. Pants should cover the instep of the foot, leaving the toe out when you are wearing shoes.

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One of the most significant concerns with regard to the fit of the pants is the rise. Nowadays you get all kinds of options when it comes to the rise of the pants, starting from low rise to high rise. Nowadays high rise pants are extremely in demand but do not just blindly follow the trend. Look at your body shape and figure out whether you will actually be able to carry that look to perfection. And if you want to choose a safe option, you can always choose mid rise pants which do not expose your rear too much and neither does it cover too much of your middle portion, making it look heavier.

Nowadays there are many stores which offer wholesale pants. So, now that you know the things to keep in mind when you buy pants for women, you can definitely give these stores worth a shot. However, make sure you try these pants before buying them because even if you know what style will suit you, there are certain things which become clear only when you wear them.

Author Bio: Seb Reyes writes fashion blogs on wholesale pants and jeans. Here, she writes about the things one must keep in mind in order to get properly fitted pants for women.

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