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Things to Consider before buying a Pair of Socks

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Most of us are random buyers when it comes to socks. We are just happy that we have something to cover our feet with. It is sad but true that all we do when we go shopping is just choose the color of the socks; and about the rest of the details – “anything goes”!

One must understand that a misfit pair of socks can be extremely troublesome for your feet. In order to have cool, relaxed and blister-free feet even after a day of hard toil, here are certain things you need to consider before buying a pair of socks:



#1. Padding:

Even if you do not get a pair with full cushions, padding around the balls of the feet and the heels is an absolute must. Padding helps in reducing stress by supporting each and every step you take. As a result, you will have a comfortable time while standing or walking.

#2. Shape:

Consider the shape of your feet. Buying socks of the exact shape as your feet will prevent bunching and cause less irritation. As men and women have feet of different shapes, you also need to keep in mind that socks are getting designed on the basis of gender nowadays. Choosing the right shape will make it easier to walk.

#3. Moisture:

Try to avoid socks that are made of cotton. Instead, go for socks which are made of wicking fabrics. These fabrics help to draw away excess moisture form the skin of the feet and prevent the occurrence of blisters.

#4. Friction:

Blisters are also caused due to friction when the feet move against the layers of the socks. Purchase socks which have two layers in them. In this case, the two layers will move against one another, and will prevent your feet from getting sore with friction.

#5. Temperature:

Do not use the same socks for every season, especially during the summer and the winter months. During summer, go for socks made from CoolMax as they are good in wicking away moisture and keep your feet cool. During winter, look for socks made from ThermaStat as their fabric is great in keeping your feet warm and dry.

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