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Keep your Shoes New as Ever

Like the piece of your Versace suit or Rado watches, your shoes need to be maintained well. When you compromise with that, your shoes will be scuffed, uncomfortable to wear and would start to smell. You need to look after them with heartfelt care right from the time you buy them. Or else, it will take longer to restore them and may also require a cobbler’s assistance.

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Different types of shoes have different requirements. I have, therefore, brought forward this post to introduce the readers with some shoe care tips they need to consider in order to keep their shoes look as good as new all the time.

#1. Leather Shoes: Well-maintained leather shoes last for a long time and hence, these shoes also require a rigorous cleaning process. You need to remove the laces, and brush and clean them after every use. Leave the shoes to dry on cedar shoe trees. Once they are dry, polish them using cream or wax polish and apply conditioner if required.

#2. Suede Shoes: As soon you buy suede shoes and bring them home, spray them with waterproof sprays especially designed for suede shoes. You will also need a suede brush to brush the shoes immediately after taking them off. In case they become damp, avoid drying them in sunlight as it might discolor the shoes. Instead, use a towel to draw out the excess moisture and then dry it at room temperature. In case of oil stains, you can apply talcum powder or go for stain-removing cleaners.

#3. Cloth Shoes: You don’t have to clean the normal cloth shoes regularly; mildly wiping them inside and out with a mix of water and detergent at least twice a week will be enough. In case of athletic cloth shoes, hand-wash them in a sink or toss them into the washing machine. A mild dish detergent will work great. Do not use a dryer as the shoes might get deformed; you can let them dry in sunlight. You also need to make sure that you do not store them unless they are completely dry; or else they will turn out to be a haven for bacteria.

Shoe care products like shoe tree, shoe polish brushes, creams, waxes and conditioners play a vital role in revitalizing your shoes and making them have a greater sustainability. Therefore, the need of a fully-equipped shoe care kit is paramount. And above all, love what you are wearing because the appearance of your shoes reveals a lot about your personality.

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