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Inside the Mind of Jensen Button – The Vodafone Mclaren Legend on F1 Clothing

Jensen Button was recently interviewed about all things F1, all things British, even what keeps him awake at night. The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes legend, whose current range of F1 clothing includes the official team shirt complete with sponsors, apparently loves the smell of banoffee pie and finds sleeping difficult – presumably all those high speed corners replaying in your head make it difficult to drop off!

 Button, who got his start in karting, also professes a love for the smell of kart chain oil – the scent that he forever associates with the excitement of pure driving and, of course, with the first intimations of the knowledge that he was going to progress from amateur driving into the upper echelons of F1.

 Now an established legend, Button remembers his amateur driving days fondly. He notes in the interview that he could perhaps have grasped his contractual obligations more clearly when he was racing with Honda/Williams – a suggestion that the early experiences he had with professional motor racing at the highest levels were perhaps tainted by an unfortunate brush with the money side of things?

 Now, though, everything seems to be running sweetly for Jensen – as sweetly as the finely tuned Vodafone McLaren Mercedes engine buzzing behind his head these days. He’s learned to enjoy the success that motor racing has brought him, and along the way has developed a taste for some of the countries he’s raced in and visited – Hawaii; Japan; the south of France; Monaco.

 Home sweet home is still important even for the man beneath the F1 clothing though – and Button says he associates noting with England so much as the taste of a proper cup of tea (making him equal with most of British people).

 Button’s future with the sport seems assured – but if his career were to end at the culmination of the current season, the man beneath the McLaren Mercedes helmet reckons he’d stay involved with management and driver coaching. Though there’s a suggestion that he might be amenable to the idea of getting involved in professional athletics – by qualifying for the world triathlon championship! It seems during off season, the man in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Clothing spends his time competing at quite a high level in triathlons: no wonder he’s so fit at the beginning of every F1 season!

 It must be every little boy’s dream to become the next Jensen Button.  And for everyone out there who would like to do just that, the one piece of advice the motor racing star would give is to keep on fighting when it looks like things aren’t going your way. Coming from the boy who became the man who collared a world championship, thirteen victories on the tracks and seven times pole position, that’s good advice indeed!

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