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Illustrious Diamonds Make Better Friends

There are some unusual diamond engagement rings that can make your ring actually look larger and more engaging. The shape of the diamond is one of the most important decisions you can make for the special lady in your life. And, it tells a lot about what the relationship is like. The bigger the diamond, the bigger the love, right? If you are looking to make your special friend feel better about her engagement ring, here are some shapes that you can try to magnify the shape of your diamond. It will also show how magnified your love and life together are in comparison to the shape of the ring on her finger. Some shapes, as you’ll see, are more magnifying than others. They create the illusion of what a big, healthy-sized diamond looks like on a ring, which makes your ring-sized emblem that much more meaningful. Follow along as I discuss some of the pros and cons of using different and various-shaped diamonds for your special lady’s ring. Don’t hesitate to keep these in mind as you shop for unusual diamond engagement rings.

The Marquise Cut Diamond
You’ll want to begin by examining the marquise cut diamond, which has a very royal and regal quality to it. This makes your diamond appear even longer and more brilliant than in many of the other unusual diamond engagement rings. The marquise cut diamond is by far the most royal-looking of all diamond shapes. It’s clearly a winner for any special ring that you might choose to use it for. As well as making the diamond look larger, it also makes your special lady’s fingers appear longer, thus adding to the royal image of the marquise shape. A marquise cut diamond is shaped twice as long as wide. It is tapered on the ends, thus giving it an elongated shape. Because of this shape, it will appear larger than it is, and your special love will wear it with much pride and joy. Because of the stone’s wide surface area, you’ll love the way it sparkles gracefully on her hand and appears to be a very large stone.

You’ll want to look at length to width ratio of the stone, too. Because marquise cut diamonds are elongated, they have a special type of brilliance that is appealing to all ring-wearers. You’ll also want to make sure it is cut properly to maximize its brilliance and to eliminate any spots of dullness from appearing on the lovely diamond stone.

The Cushion Cut Diamond
The cushion cut diamond, like the marquise cut diamond, appears larger than the stone actually is when it is cut well and put in the proper setting for maximum beauty and brilliance. Ideally, you’ll want to set this cushion-shaped diamond, the best of unusual diamond engagement rings, in the perfect setting. These settings include the micro pave diamond setting for subtle beauty, and the halo diamond setting for a more stunning look. The cushion cut diamond is an excellent diamond value, much like its sister stone, the marquise. Your special lady will look marvelous wearing this setting. And she will receive many compliments for it.

The cushion cut diamond, because of its unique shape, looks especially lovely in a more lavish setting. Many people have used cushion cut diamonds in settings such as antique and vintage style engagement rings. This can be properly transferred to an antique or vintage wedding ring set, too. It is not uncommon for many jewelery design firms to use cushion cut diamonds to showcase their arrangements of wedding sets, and they make the perfect transitional diamond (from the engagement ring setting to wedding ring setting).

The cushion cut diamond comes in many sizes. It is a perfect fit to any setting for your special lady friend. This shape has many fans today for it is both a classy diamond and a beautiful diamond. It versatility makes it a hot diamond in the market.

Other Diamonds
There are other unusual diamond engagement rings on the market today, everything from round to princess cut to oval to emerald to Asscher to heart to pear to radiant. While all of these cuts can be made to look perfect in the right setting, the marquise diamond and the cushion cut diamond work together with their settings to give you the best deal for your dollar, making your special lady’s ring look like it is much larger than it actually is. That’s the illusion you want, and those are the diamond cuts that make your lady friend’s ring look like a million bucks even if it costs a fraction of that. Be sure to ask for these shapes when you go to look at diamonds. Don’t forget that the perfect setting can make all the difference in how the quality and shape of a diamond is received, too.


Author Bio:
Tiffany Richards lives and writes in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves diamonds, especially unusual ones, and her favorite shape is the pear. And she likes those unusual diamonds as part of platinum engagement rings.

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