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How to Choose a Worthy Supplier for Manufacturing Your Organization’s Patches?

Customized embroidered patches are excellent tools for identification ad promotion that many organizations of today opt for. Any types of business organization such as club, public safety agencies, groups or non-profit organizations use the patches to provide a unique identity to their members. The Government organizations such as the US Armed Force, Police department, Fire Safety department and others also make use of customized patches. There is a set design rule that the Government organization employees have to follow but the private organizations have enormous opportunities to play with the design.

Interesting embroidered patches are available in many shapes and shades. There are also scopes to design the patches according to your choice. If you have visualized the concept of patch, share the ideas with a graphic designer of the customized patch specialist firms. There are lots of companies that specialize in custom embroidered patches. It is truly confusing to select one among them. A little nit of research is essential to find out the right provider who will understand your requirements.


Experience is important

It is not hard to comprehend that the quality patch designers who are in the market for pretty long time are able to satisfy their customers with designs and services. Go through their clientele- you will surely find that for their efforts and dedications the customers keep coming repeatedly. Look for that kind of stable performer in the patch industry. For sure you will get a good numbers of such companies. How to filter the search further? Let’s see other reasons that can contribute in this selection process.


Well, artistry is another significant reason for selecting a company. As innovative artwork is the most vital reason for success in this industry, the companies that are there for a while must have good graphic designers in their team. Such artwork experts can help you to recreate your ideas into vivid picturesque patches that will definitely be distinct whenever you have the intention to create a new patch or recreate an existing one. From a good company you can expect repeated numbers of free artworks and design revisions.

You can mail rough sketch of your idea to the designers or they can create a design based on your requirements. They will then give the final look to it and send to you for approval. You may reject the artwork unless you are completely satisfied. When you will approve the design they will proceed with the manufacturing process. This leads to another crucial factor that has to be kept on the list when you are trying to find out a specialized firm for your company’s patches.



While most of the companies before placing the orders delve with the artworks, It is also essential to consider suitable backings before placing the order. There are different types of backing such as Velcro, Iron-on, tape and others and each of them has distinct characteristics. Study the features and determine suitable one for your company’s apparel. A quality patch provider may also provide you necessary advices in this respect.

Customer oriented services

Any custom patch supplier will be worthy for your business if it prioritize the customer services. A good supplier will always be willing to listen to your organizational needs and respond accordingly. The artists will try their best to design the patches exactly how you want it. Based on your specifications as well as their creativity, they will relentlessly try to create something better for you.


This is an important criterion that you cannot afford to overlook while making selection is the pricing. The supplier must have clear distribution of costs which will help you to understand the services they are charging for. As a matter of fact there should not be any hidden cost. If they charge for shipping or set up that should be included in the final price.

Delivery time

Time is money in case of business. Therefore, ask when the finished patches will be delivered to you after placing the order. Normally, established companies take 14 days or less from the day of initial order to deliver the finished products. If the company you are talking to asks for more time, it is a good idea to look elsewhere.

If you are ordering the customized patches for the first time, you will have a good number of queries. The sales representative team of a trustworthy company will provide answer to all your questions patiently before proceeding with the production process.

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