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Hot Hairstyles for Summer 2014

The runways have ruled out the hottest hairstyles for Summer 2014. Stylizing and drawing out a bold and constructed look, with a careless essence, and the result is totally classy.

While a little hair product will go a long way, work your  way up with neutral, messy, matte or  high shine, polished hair dos. With so much freedom it’s simply awesome to experiment and find out your faves.

Top Hair Trends to Rock Summer 2014:

Hyper Glossy

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Wet and shiny hair with middle or side parts, tamed with gel at the roots and left messy half way down for that added impact, does the job. The hair is uber cool and polished with hair drawn out of the face and tied into a low humble pony at the back. Hair is sleeked at the roots for an almost flattened look and ends are textured, for a roughed up volume.

Romantic Braids

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Loaded with extra shine, or loose and dreamy braids are here to stay for long. Do your hair lazy and laid back, and you don’t have to work hard to keep the hair in place, cause we adore it careless and messy. This will give the breezy look, with lots of dimension to it.

Clean Tie-ups, Bows and Bling

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Add finesse to your careless tresses, and balance out the look with cute ribbons and spring accessories. The wide bands and clean tie-ups will add greater masculinity to build up the sharp hairdos. The hair accessories for Spring-Summer 2014 are big and much pronounced, topped-up with attitude.

Boy-chic Side-Parts

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The hair is parted roughly or sharp. Brimming with character and oomph. The boyish side parts dramatize the cute and demure hairstyles for Spring right into the Summer, keeping your hair low maintenance yet confident.

Sassy Up-dos

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Do-up your hair into a loose and low key bun at the center of your nape, or by the side. Pull out loose hair, to make it more sexy. This hairstyle will fit perfectly for the Spring weddings or evenings. To keep the style in place all through the evenings, set with a regular hairspray or the sea mineral hairsprays for added movement and body.

Loaded Unkempt Textures

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The thumb rule for the Spring hair is, it doesn’t really have one. Scrunch up your hair with products while it is still moist. Let it dry, and comb out your hair with your fingers effortlessly. What you will be left with, is this amazingly sexy volume. Absolutely trouble free and yet incredibly hot.

Messy Curls and Beach Waves

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Spring will see a hell lot of curls. Big waves, ringlets or retro coiled-up ones. Curls are a big rage this season but to rule it all, we want it disheveled and undone, twisted and brought to one side on the shoulder giving it a old Hollywood glam.

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