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Hair Done Right: 5 Male Celebrity Cuts You Should Try This Fall

Celeb Cuts Owen

Your hair plays an important role in your appearance. The right haircut can accentuate your features and show of your personality. When picking a new ‘do for the fall, you can turn to celebrities for inspiration. Here are the top celebrity haircuts for men:

The Zac

Celeb Cuts Zac

The former teen heartthrob has swapped his boyish haircut for a more mature look. His new hairdo is cut short around the back and sides, yet the top is left longer for a suave look. Experts at The Art of Shaving suggest styling this cut by sweeping the long layers to the side for an elegant part. This cut is very simple to maintain – all you have to do is shampoo and brush your hair.

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This cut, however, is ideal for people who have straight or wavy hair. It is also ideal for men who have oval, heart-shaped and square faces. Lastly, this cut does require frequent trims to maintain the overall shape.

The Beau

Celeb Cuts Beau

Beau Mirchoff’s short haircut is ideal for people with wavy to curly hair. This cut is fantastic because it isn’t fussy at all, yet your waves and kinks will look neat and put-together. While at the hairdresser, you should ask for a close-cropped cut that is a little longer on the top. This haircut is ideal for men with diamond, long and oval faces.

The Garrett

Celeb Cuts Garrett

Garrett Backstrom’s cut is the textbook definition of cool. It is also flattering on a wide array of face shapes because it accentuates cheekbones. The cut is short on the sides and long in the front. Then, the longer layers are spiked up for a cool feel.

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This haircut, however, does require a little bit of styling. First, hair gel is required to hold the spiked layers in place; on top of that, frequent trims are needed in order to keep the shape.

The Oliver

Celeb Cuts Oliver

If you have curly hair and want a low-fuss cut, look no further than Oliver Cooper’s medium-sized ‘do. This haircut has even layers throughout to give natural curls bounce and movement. This cut is great for individuals with square, diamond, heart and oval faces.

The Owen

Celeb Cuts Owen

Owen Wilson’s long haircut is perfect for men with round, oval and heart-shaped faces. It is cut long at the back and has a sweeping side bang that draws focus to your eyes. This cut is ideal for people with straight to wavy hair. This style does require some regular maintenance and styling, so it’s not for people who want a low-fuss cut.

With fall here, most people need a new haircut. Hopefully, these celebrities provide plenty of inspiration for your new cut.


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