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Egg Yolks – Should You eat it or leave it?

Egg Yolks – Should You eat it or leave it?

Egg yolk is one of the most nourishing foods that have always been ignored. It is very rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E, it also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorous and zinc. It is also good source of vitamin B, folate and fatty acids. Egg yolk do contain cholesterol and is considered to be harmful in most of us however we should know that cholesterol is the most crucial component in cell membranes and also in making of various hormones.

When we take sufficient amount of cholesterol our body produces less of it. A lot of studies revealed that including eggs have increased the cholesterol levels which are good cholesterol. They also provide anti-oxidants that promote eye health, contain colleen which is believed to promote brain health.


Overall about 2-3 egg yolks every week is healthy and safe to consume provided your following your healthy lifestyle and limiting your unhealthy fat intakes.

People often think that egg yolk is unhealthy! In this video the anchor debunks this myth and shares the true benefits of egg yolk and why you should have it.

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