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Discover various types of trading pins for your baseball team

Trading pins have been long used as an important item to many baseball tournaments and leagues all across the country. Trading pins encourage players to work together with the players of the other team. It is not possible to offer any team spirit and make a baseball team popular without the use of pins.

You can find out a number of companies that can craft the most desirable pins for baseball teams. Well, all you need to do is to choose the company as per the quantity needed, price and service offered.

Things need to be considered

Basically, you may require 50 to 75 baseball pins for each team member. However, several team players may require more than 100 pins. The number of pins determines the collection of pins. Trading pins somewhere between 1 ½ inches and 2 ½ inches are ideal for any baseball team. Keep in mind if you choose the bigger size than the standard size, you have to pay the higher price. You need to make a strategy much before any baseball series or tournament. Many other baseball teams make a trip to these kinds of tournaments ever year. During this time, the demand for trading pins is on high. Therefore, it is important for you to plan prior to three-four weeks to avoid confusions.


Custom trading pins act as ornamentation for any sport team. Whenever your players put on these pins, they feel proud to be associated to your team and offer their best performance in the field. Remember, the more your team participate in World Series, regional and divisional championships, or even in playoffs, the more recognition your custom trading pins will receive.

Types of custom trading pins

Custom trading pins are a great way to add a dimension to your team. There are different types of customized baseball trading pins out in the market. These are glitter, blinkers, slider, and dangler.


Glitter enamel is poured in the area of the custom trading pins to color them. These colors give sparkle to the pins. At the same time, it adds dimension to the pins. This is an inexpensive way to get your pins the most desirable and exclusive look.



Blinkers are another type of trading pins. The LED lights are used to craft this pin. It is powered by battery. When the switch is turned on, the pin blinks. These types of pins add a dimension to your custom trading pins. The blinker acts as a mascot of a team on the pin.


Dangler is a type of custom trading pin. It needs a second mold and design. A ring is used to attach the dangler to the chief pin. Sometimes, a chain is also used to attach this. Danglers are utilized to indicate specific interest in your baseball team including the year of the championship, a glove, a baseball, your flag and many other options. Basically, danglers are used to indicate the year of the tournament. If you want your trading pins to be crafted at lower price, you can opt for using the same pins year after year. All you need to do is to get the design of the pins updated.

Bobble heads:

Bobble heads are also a second trading pin. These heads are attached to the key trading pins with a strong spring. When the pin is moved, the “bobble” will swing side by side and up and down. When the bobble moves, it creates an eye-catching effect. The heads are much like a uniformed player in team colors. However, a specialized trading pin company can craft trading pins with bobble heads the way you suggest. Bobble head trading pins are the most desirable pins for the most baseball teams.


Spinner trading pin is a customized second pin. It is attached to a main trading pin with a spun feature. There are different types of spinners. They come in different shapes including bats, softballs, and baseballs and so on. These types of pins add a great value and dimension to your customized trading pins. You can spin the spinner just with a finger.

Cost of the trading pins

The dimension, the quantity of the pins, the design of the pins and so on determines the price of the trading pins. However, it is better to check with the quality of the work before sign the deal.

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