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How Would You Define Dressing Up In Style?

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Have you ever thought, why clothing is important and is not about wearing just clothes? Why the color, size and the right garment matters when choosing the right attire? Clothing is all about comfort, style and time. Time here means keeping in sync with the occasion. Of course, you would not be wearing a tuxedo early in the morning, when you are up working out on your body.

Here are some important factors you need to keep in mind, when choosing the attire of your choice:

#1 – Occasion

As was mentioned before, you cannot choose a woolen dress during Summer and neither can you go around during the Winters not wearing warm clothes. Dressing up is all about wearing what you are comfortable in but at the same time, keeping the occasion of the day in mind. On the other hand, style is absolutely a matter of personal choice. A choice to add a touch of personality to what you wear. It is basically a part of grooming. You don’t need to wear a designer dress every time you have to go out in style. Wearing something that is presentable and comfortable with your activity, along with creating an impression on the mind of other people within your surrounding area, is what is being spoken of here.

#2 – Activities

Activity is another determining factor to consider when you dress up. If you wear something that makes your body movement difficult, then what is the whole point of wearing such an attire? If you wear a tuxedo when you are working out in the gym, it would not make much sense right? You need to have flexible body movement and that is why track suits and other sports wear are there, designed to suit your need.

#3 – Dress Measurement

By measurement here, I mean the right cut, shape and size for your body. Did you know a garment can make you look taller, shorter, fatter and thinner. It is all about choosing an attire of the right measurement. You can easily imagine how would a healthy person look if he/she wears a dress that is shorter in size. You can also imagine how a thin lanky person would look like if he/she wears something that is over large in size. Now you know why dress measurement is an important factor.

#4 – Color Tone

Just think. How would someone with a dark complexion appear if he/she wears something of deep fluorescent shade. Your skin tone matters when you choose a fabric color. Once again, color can make you look fairer or darker. So, the next time you choose a color combination, keep this in mind. One more thing to consider – try choosing a color that is trendy this season. You would find lots of colors to play around with and make your dressing session fun.

A word of advice – Go generic. There is no other way to dress properly than this. Try to keep it simple and you would discover adding a dash of personality and style that complements your look.

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