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Common Clothes Mistakes That Make You Look Fat

While Fashion is to make you look beautiful, there are these silly mistakes that add oodles of virtual fat! Well virtual cause I believe that they don’t practically exist and that you can afford to look much more gorgeous than that. Fashion guidelines often lead us to these heinous crimes of throwing on ugly layers of clothes that do more bad than good to our otherwise pretty selves. Lets spot those evils in our wardrobe that make us look huge, which I’m sure you don’t want to look like.


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These pointers will make you identify, the items in your closet that make you look plumper, than you actually are. To look gorgeous and fit, no matter what size you wear, stay miles away from these particular pieces.

Wearing Menswear
As the name goes, they are meant for men and obviously you don’t count in. While, the womens’ clothes contribute to the feminine attributes like the curves and sensuality, menswear do just the opposite. They add all the wrong masculine notes to it, completely lacking femininity. Menswear pieces (like pantsuits, button-downs, hoodies, and crewneck tees) can be stunning—when tailored properly for the female shape. Try an actual men’s T-shirt, though, and you’ll soon see that men’s clothing is designed for men’s bodies. And men tend to not have breasts, hips, and bottoms. (OK, technically they do, but they’re definitely not the same as ours.)

Wearing Poor-Quality Pieces
We are speaking of clothes and not rags. With no offense intended, we often burn holes in our wallets investing in garments that are not even worth all the labor. And who needs scratchy fabric, sloppy finishes, or crappy trims? You deserve better. This isn’t a problem found with just less-expensive fashion, either. Poorly designed, low-quality clothing can be found at almost every price point—so be on the lookout.


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Wearing Fitted Pieces That Don’t Fit
Even celebs with expensive stylists are trapped in misfit clothes, so we aren’t any exceptions. Some even pick pieces that are a size or two smaller, just cause we love the way they look and the store is running out of sizes. Straining over the bust, collapsing at the shoulders, and puckering at the armhole are all signs that a piece doesn’t fit. The best way to avoid these issues, is to try everything on and appoint the local tailor, to do the alterations for you.

Keep in mind: If the garment looks bad on the model, it’s probably going to look even worse in real life. If all the pinning, fluffing, and primping that goes on prior to every photo shoot, runway show, and red-carpet event can’t keep a garment from looking terrible on the model, it’s unlikely to look better on you.

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