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Five Tricks for Cutting down Your Morning Beauty Routine

Mornings are normally hectic enough while trying to get you and everyone else out the door on time. Maybe there’s only you and you just can’t find things in the morning. How would you find the time to beautify properly with all that hoopla? Before you do something drastic like do your makeup while driving,…

Dress To Impress: How To Look Your Best At A Job Interview

Interviewers always take personal appearance and grooming into account when making hiring decisions. Candidates for a job need to take the time necessary to look professional, responsible and trustworthy in the days before an interview. Dressing inappropriately or going without shaving can create a negative impression. Several tips will help interviewees to look their best….

The 5 Greatest Grooming Moments From the Emmys

Women tend to grab most of the headlines at awards shows like the Emmys (and we can’t necessarily find fault with that. Did you see what Sofia Vergara was wearing?). However, plenty of gentlemen looked very dapper as well. With that in mind, here are The Five Greatest Grooming Moments From The Emmys. To start, Simon Baker, the…

Quick Makeup Fixes for Working Women

Working women find it extremely difficult to manage the household work and prepare the breakfast in the midst of getting ready for office. The maddening rush does not even allow them to have a good look at the mirror before heading out. And when chances of applying even simple touch-ups are hard to come by,…

Beauty Treatments – Do It Yourself

beautiful face

A rigorous work schedule is not only exhaustive for the mind, but also has a tremendously adverse effect on the body. We do not even get the minimum amount of time to look after ourselves. Every day, it is the same routine we have to follow: coming back home dog-tired and dropping dead on the…

Make-up Tips for Women Over Fifty

elderly makeup

Many frown at the makeup attempts of women above who are above 50 years. Truth is, you need more make up elements to make yourself look better after that age. This is the time when you do not need to be decked up like a teenager. But, deft strokes can hide a few flaws of…