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Busted: Five Beauty Myths

Given the plethora of information that flows in, it becomes necessary to differentiate myth from reality. Here are five fashion myths for you that have no bearing in actuality:

Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon early every morning will lead to glowing skin tones:This is only partially true. Honey mixed in lemon water contains Vitamin C and potassium, which helps in detoxification of the body. However, honey is rich in calories. Therefore it is alright to follow this diet chart if you follow a rigorous routine of physical exercise, otherwise, it is best avoided. Also, diabetic patients and those with low blood pressure should avoid such a beauty routine.

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Oiling is necessary for healthy scalp and hair: This fact is true only to a limited extent. Oiling is good for dry hair, and those hair types that are mercilessly exposed to chemical abuse. It seeps into the hair shaft and helps to strengthen it. It also provides a protective layer against the destructive effects of the sun. However, being a choking conditioner, it is rather harmful to leave coconut oil on the hair for too long. It might worsen the breakout, and even cause allergies. Moreover, washing off coconut oil requires rigorous shampooing that might leave the hair even more dry and frizzy than it was before.

It is safe to ignore expiry dates on the labels of beauty products: This is a gross mis-conception. Just as eating or drinking something that has an expired shelf-life can cause serious health complications, similarly, it is risky to apply products the validity of which have expired as the skin might reject them resulting in rashes, marks and allergies. The reason behind this is simple. Every ingredient in a beauty product, be it a chemical or an organic element is functional for a certain time period, beyond which they can have harmful effects on the skin. It is therefore best to pay heed to the expiry date that is printed on the label and use and purchase products accordingly.

It is mandatory to drink eight glasses of water every day to maintain a healthy skin: Regular intake of water and other fluids help in the detoxification of the skin, maintenance of a youthful look, proper moisturization and prevention of premature aging. However, excessive intake of water can result in a condition called water intoxication, that results in the dissolution of sodium. A healthy man’s kidneys can process a maximum of 15 liters of fluid and water on a daily basis, but if the count exceeds 15, then there are chances of health problems.

Turmeric is the ultimate secret to a radiant skin: Turmeric has many properties. It helps to maintain a youthful glow, it is a natural bleach and is also an anti-septic. However, excessive use of turmeric can result in the development of a yellowish tinge in the skin tone.

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