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Benefits and Downsides of Mineral Makeup

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Mineral make up is being extensively used by women, make up artists and also being suggested by dermatologists and hence, it is gaining wide spread popularity. Mineral make up is the latest buzzword and has become an indispensable make-up item for celebrities and commoners alike. This newest type of make-up element is being widely advertised by various brands. If you have not tried it yet, you will be surprised to see the kind of beauty it endows you with.


Your skin reaps a number of benefits from the use of mineral make up. The concept of using mineral based product for our skin is not new, as, throughout the ages, women have sought assistance of various natural substances to enhance their beauty. The main feature of this make up is that it is made of natural elements and completely devoid of harmful chemicals and preservatives. It is made of sterilized minerals in the form of smooth powder and then it is mixed with natural colors. It allows your skin to breathe, reducing the chances of pimples and blemishes. Chemicals create many undesirable reactions on skin, specially for those with skin sensitivity issue, in the form of irritation, allergies and pimples.

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Foundation makeup is composed of oils and chemicals that helps it to blend well with your skin, but these chemicals clogs pore and fuels bacterial growth causing acne. People with oily and acne prone skin should stay far away from liquid foundation that has moisturizers and other elements which clogs pore and make their skin even more oily. This type of makeup also wears away very fast from the oily skin. Mineral makeup is perfect for you if you have pimple prone, sensitive and extremely oily skin.

Now mineral makeup comes with various added ingredients that can actually contribute to ameliorate your skin. Minerals are an effective medium for providing you with sun protection which decelerates the aging process. Some mineral foundation contain natural anti-inflammatory elements like magnesium and zinc which works as an effective medium to reduce inflammation and redness. There are others of the same type that has anti-aging elements like vitamins and antioxidants.

Mineral foundations generally come in the powder form which is good for oily skin, but they are available in the liquid form as well. Powder blends well with oily skin and you can apply it anytime anywhere with a brush. Mineral makeup provides you with good coverage on scars and blemishes and adds a healthy glow to your skin. They also helps to hide redness and other types discolorations. This makeup is long-lasting, generally water-resistant and for many it lasts as long as 8 hours even at the outdoor locations.


As this makeup is based exclusively on the natural elements, so it limits the choice of color. Limitation in the choice of shades make it difficult for the people of darker hue find the shade that suits their complexion.

Although this variety of makeup does not contain chemicals that are available in other types of makeup, but still there are some natural elements that can produce undesirable effects on your skin. There are women who are allergic to certain types of minerals. The two particular natural elements that has been found to cause irritation are mica and bismuth oxychoride. In case of some women, they are reported to cause itchiness especially in hot weather.

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Since this type of make comes in powdered form, so it is difficult to carry them with yourself while you are traveling. But now you can buy different types of applicator brushes wit which you can apply this makeup on the go. So keep your powdered makeup for your home use only.

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