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Are You a Fashionista? Turn Your Passion into Business Success


Are you a fashionista? If so, you probably spend a lot of time and money focusing on your area of interest. However, did you know that you can actually turn your passion into business success? Try these fashionista ideas to get started today.

Sell Your Designs
If you love fashion so much that you tend to design your own pieces, you may be able to make money by selling your design sketches to others. You will need a quality sketch book or a piece of software that allows you to create the looks online. You can use your knowledge of current fashion trends to create modern looks. Once you sell the sketch, the designer or producer might create the piece exactly as you drew it, or he many make changes to it. Another idea in this same category is to set up a custom design business in which clients tell you what they want and then you design it for them.

Create Your Own Line
If you are really crafty, you can even create your own pieces to sell after you design them. You can open a storefront to sell your pieces or set up a virtual storefront to sell them online. You can even hold your own fashion shows with your friends as models to get exposure. Once you start building a customer base, you can continue using your fashionista style to sell them new pieces you make.

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Be a Fashion Stylist

If you live, breathe and eat fashion all day long, you can work for yourself as a fashion stylist. Imagine choosing the clothes your clients buy and wear on a daily basis or for special events. Once others see how great your clients look, you will have a booming business as everyone will want to use you. The trick to making this business successful over time is staying current with the trends of the moment. Going to school for this is usually a great move – places like the Canadian Beauty College offer medical aesthetics training, and having an actual certificate in this industry can be a huge help in finding a good job.

Try Your Hand as a Personal Shopper

Another way to turn your fashionista lifestyle into a business is to work as a personal shopper. For an hourly rate, you can shop with a client to find the best looks for his or her body type and style. You will be expected to know what the hottest fashion trends are and how to translate that into everyday looks. You will also have to help your clients get the looks they want while working within their budgetary restraints.

Write Fashion Blogs

A final way to turn your fashion passion into a business is to create a fashion blog or website devoted to your knowledge. You can make money by letting advertisers pay you to put their ads on your site or by selling your own designs to your readers. You can even submit the articles you write about fashion to magazines or online fashion sites to make more money.

If you are a fashionista with a fashion passion, why not use it to make money? Turn your passion into a successful business with a little planning.

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