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Beauty Parlour At Home – The Essential Beauty Treatments for Your Face

Beauty Parlour At Home

The Essential Beauty Treatments for Your Face

One of the worst comments that a woman could get is “You look tired”. That instantly means that her skin is dull, dry and that she has dark circles around her eyes. Add to that the annoying wrinkles that come with age and sun damage, and you’ll get a face that screams for help. A woman’s face deserves care and attention, especially because it is exposed to cosmetics and various makeup products. A consistent skincare routine should help improve the skin’s appearance and prevent some future issues, but when those problems already exist, there’s a need for special treatments. If you think your face deserves a beauty boost, here are some essential treatments you can try without going to a beauty parlour.


Blemish Removal

Blemishes are probably the most annoying things that can pop up on woman’s face. The worst thing about them is that they usually appear when you need them the least (not like you ever actually need them), like for example, your wedding day. Luckily, there are products for prevention and removal of blemishes, pimples and blackheads. A quality lotion that has retinoid as an ingredient can help your skin remain blemish free. Just avoid alcohol-based products because they can leave the skin sore and red.

Reducing Skin Redness

Speaking of skin redness, if you are facing this issue, it is probably because of some dietary habits or chemicals used on your face which can cause inflammation of the blood vessels and redness. Changes in diet should be the first step towards the solution, but only when combined with treatments that contain antioxidants and soothing ingredients you can reduce and fully eliminate the redness. The serum you choose should be appropriate for sensitive skin, though.

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Extra Hydration

Dehydrated skin looks dry, dull and it is a poor backdrop for makeup, regardless of the quality of the makeup products you’re applying. A gentle scrub, as a part of the daily routine, can help with preventing the drying out, but it can also enable your skin to absorb a hydrating treatment much better and faster. Use replenishing masks and serums with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 and pro-vitamin B5 to restore skin’s natural moisture and provide long lasting hydration. Such ingredients are used in a beauty parlour.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Age is catching up to us all, but sometimes we can trick Mother Nature into giving us some more wrinkle-free time. It is never too early to start using an anti-aging skin treatment, because it can reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles, to some degree. A quality ultra vitamin C serum can stimulate skin’s natural collagen production, provide antioxidants protection and improve skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Fixing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin change that happens often, but it can be solved rather easily. Just use a cleanser with brightening complex of pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin B3, in order to thoroughly cleanse the skin, leaving the complexion even and luminous. Brightening serums with similar ingredients can also be very helpful in reducing the appearance of mild, and even advanced pigmentation.


Exfoliating Serum

Exfoliation is one of the most important face treatments a woman must do. It cleanses the skin pores and removes the dead skin cells. Furthermore, it can be used previous to all of the above treatments to help the skin absorb the products better, and thus make them more efficient. You can use gentle scrubs, DIY exfoliators (sugar + honey + oatmeal), or if you have very sensitive skin prone to redness, mid exfoliating serums. Search for ingredients such as niacinamide, bearberry extract, BHA and AHAs.

A clear, hydrated and nourished skin is everything a woman needs in order to be beautiful and self-confident. And if you have to put on your makeup, you know it will look much better when applied on such foundation. So, keep in mind that your regular skincare routine sometimes needs some extra help to achieve the best results.

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