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Are you a Jeans addict? Let’s find some Cool Replacements

jeans addict

Oh! It’s an eternal love between us and our jeans. And this love is not just a child’s fancy. Our beloved denims have earned their rightful spot at the top by being the most stylish and the most comfortable. Some of you may not agree with me though, but I feel that it’s time to change the trend a bit. Jeans are unbeatable no doubt, but there are replacements which are as cool as them.

The world of fashion is ever-evolving, and I think it is time to give this eternal love a bit of a rest. Let’s take a break from the usual denims and try out some other bottoms instead.

jeans replacements

#1. Linen

Summer is here, and denims tend to get a little uncomfortable at times. Linen pants are there for the rescue. This fabric do not stick to your skin and hang smoothly from the waist. Moreover, they prevent the formation of sweat. What more can you ask for in making an afternoon outing totally perfect?

#2. Khakis

Completely filled with rustic charm, the khaki trousers instantly transform you into the cool guy/girl from neighborhood when matched with button-down shirts. These trousers are made of 100% cotton. And when the fabric is cotton, the summer heat should not be bothersome at all.

#3. Chinos

Chinos are also a cotton product. However, they are not 100% cotton as they include a little blend of synthetic material. Unlike khakis, these trousers have a slimmer cut so that they can fit in perfectly. Not only do they add to the cool quotient, but also are super comfortable.

#4. Shorts

Just like jeans are worn casually, shorts should also be worn with the same casualness. By the way, shorts here does not mean the overlong, over-sized cargo types which you used to wear when you were a kid. The smart, sleek, knee-length shorts paired with colorful tees and crisp shirts.

There you have the replacements! Replace the denims and stay cool and stylish this summer season!

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