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6 Fashion Bloopers Every Woman Should Avoid


Looking good is an essential aspect of feeling good about oneself. It is therefore very important to get the tricks of the trade. Here are six fashion faux pas that every woman should consciously avoid.

Greasy Face

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One should not equate luminosity with grease. Luminosity means that the skin should have a glow of its own, while a greasy face has an unkempt and dirty look. A primer followed by oil-free foundation can be used to avoid that oily look. If you have a naturally oily skin, then it is best to use gel-based products. Greasy blushes and eye-shadows should also be avoided to maintain the matte-finish look.

Chipped Nail Paint

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Chipped nail paint look like patches of color fungus growing on the nails. Therefore, it is better to remove the enamel altogether the moment you notice it coming off. Use long lasting enamel paints, or apply daily coats, or at least apply two coats to ensure that it lasts. But still to be on the safe-side, carry your nail-enamel wipes where ever you go.

Lipstick Stained-teeth

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If you are a fan of using dark shades, then always remember to blot the extra color with a tissue paper to avoid staining. In case of accidental staining, use a cotton wipe to remove the stain from your teeth, or more simply, roll your tongue over to undo all traces. Lipstick stained-teeth undoes your entire outfit and get up, apart from giving you a rather dirty and careless look.

Mismatched Face and Body

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Choose the shade of your foundation carefully so that it matches with your natural skin tone. Remember to apply it evenly to your neck and ears also using a brush. If you are wearing a sleeveless, or backless dress, then take care and apply it to the exposed skin parts. Often, we only pay attention to our faces, with the result that it looks darker or lighter when compared to other parts. This gives a rather disproportionate look. Therefore, remember to blend in the foundation evenly and carefully.

Excessive Blush

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Excessive blush might just make you look like a circus performer. Therefore always blend it as much as possible with the base foundation so that there is only a tinge, and it does not glaringly stand out to catch the eye.

Color Overload

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Heavy eye makeup is best accompanied by neutral shade lip color. Similarly, if you are using a dark shade of lipstick, then tone down on your eye makeup by using a few swipes of Kohl. Too much color might just distract the onlooker, and give you a confused overall look.

For every woman, dressing up is always is exciting and interesting proposition. It is therefore best to do it carefully to achieve the best desired effects without looking untidy or funny.

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